About Us

Prime Equity Properties Group is the ally trustees choose to navigate contested real property sales — particularly when heirs and beneficiaries battle over valuable assets. With over two decades of experience and a record of results, we bring unparalleled expertise to guide you through court-supervised sales and complex transactions. Our collaborative approach ensures that you have a dedicated team of professionals by your side, ready to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. From residential to commercial properties, our meticulous care and extensive industry insights ensure that every asset is managed precisely, delivering optimal value and a smooth transition process.

Our mission is to be the foremost authority in navigating the complex landscape of real estate asset disposition by minimizing the liability of the trustee and the estate. We are committed to providing trusted expertise, building collaborative partnerships, and delivering exceptional results that set new standards in the industry. Through our dedication to complex court-supervised sales and contested real property transactions with trustees and beneficiaries fighting over their fair share of the estate, we guide our clients and partners toward successful and harmonious outcomes of real property sales.

Company Vision

At Prime Equity Properties Group, our vision is to reshape how real property asset disposition is perceived and conducted. We aim to lead the industry by championing transparent, efficient, and client-centric processes. By seamlessly integrating expertise, innovation and empathy, we aspire to empower every client and stakeholder to maximize the value of their real estate assets while ensuring a seamless and ideal outcome.

Company Values

Understanding our clients’ and stakeholders’ unique needs and challenges drives us to provide tailored and empathetic solutions.


We relentlessly pursue knowledge and mastery in real estate asset disposition, providing unwavering guidance to our clients and partners.


We believe in the power of teamwork and cooperation, fostering strong relationships with professionals across various domains to achieve shared success.


 Our commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct forms the cornerstone of every interaction and transaction.


Prime Equity Properties Group strives for excellence, setting the bar high and exceeding expectations through meticulous attention to detail and exceptional service.