With over two decades of proven experience, we've honed our expertise to align seamlessly with yours.


We understand the intricacies and demands of court-supervised sales and complex transactions, just as you do.

Prime Equity Properties Group

Our team is here to represent you when selling real estate through probate or trust.

Who We Work With

Prime Equity Properties Group works with a wide variety of plaintiffs' professionals.

U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees & Insolvency Attorneys

We are nominated by the U.S. Chapter 7 & 11 Bankruptcy Trustees.

Litigation Attorneys &
Partition Referees

We provide a broad array of real estate disposition services.

Federal & State Receivers

Experience working with receivers provides expertise in negotiating.

Professional Fiduciaries & Private Trustees

We work with professional fiduciaries and private trustees.

Estate Planners, Trust Administrators & Probate Attorneys

These attorneys specialize in managing the transfer of real estate assets.

Elder Law Attorneys & Conservators

Prime Equity specializes in addressing the concerns of older individuals.

Property Types

Real Estate Asset Disposition

What Our Clients Say


"As a court-appointed Receiver, it is imperative to work with Realtors who understand our unique responsibilities and can adhere to the court order. Prime Equity Properties Group’s knowledge of the complexities of court-appointed sales, has made me more efficient in all areas related to Receivership."


"We partnered with Prime Equity Properties Group to handle a contentious sale. Todd was fully communicative throughout the process. He ultimately located a buyer who paid market price. Opposing legal counsel monitored them and they supported us during a stressful transaction."

Estate Planning Attorney

"Prime Equity Properties Group is more than a real estate agency. They serve as an integral component in the probate process and provide solutions to issues that arise during probate sales. I recommend them to all professionals dealing with probate properties."